Perfection is an illusion


we as the complex creature

so today i’m gonna share, well another am pm rant which bugging me off this week.

what is the definition of perfection? i mean the actual definition?

the answer would revolve around the idea of a situation which everything is complete and goes as you need it or want it or everything is at zero failure situation.

for me, perfection will always be an idea which will make me think about one single color instead of jumbled color put into one bowl. its not about blue or black or white or yellow instead, it is a wide variety spectrum of several color.

the next question is what is complete? maybe the answer will go around full or whole and lots of thing even finished.

for me complete its just complete as it is without adding anything to it. complete in my term would never be like those puzzle you need to finished by 7 for example. but just being itself is already a complete.

there is a lot of things that in my honest opinion, is being misunderstood here.

the idea of perfect and complete for me its just another bullshit that social structure and our brain tell us to think and work along it. well yes it give us a big thing to think about.

for me perfection and complete is not something that we need to “fulfill” by looking in others or something out there.

i think we are born to believe that we constantly need to fill our emptiness( and constantly feel that whoa why i always be this pathetic imperfect girl ) and being empty is somewhat a shame, a competition or anything at all

but what if the emptiness is just right and just perfect for us?

what if your crooked smile that you hate the most is the thing that make you complete and perfect?

i mean why on earth we have to believe in this thing, the notion of perfect and complete meanwhile those 2 things are just some alien idea for us.

like we just forgot that our chubby cheek use to be our favorite when we were kids.

so yeah. it is an illusion.





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