We Just Believe What We Want To Believe


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This post is actually one of my am-pm rant of my life. Well lets see what have been the issue.

We will talk about communication, which is one of fundamental issue in our life yet there is no one who actually set the strict line to define what is actually a good communication as in our everyday life.

Well communication indeed is everything we saw, we hear, we think about and bit of everything (even as I write this I also talk to my inner self). But somehow, in the process of encoding and decoding the message, what we believe, our aspirations, or even where we are, are actively shaping and picking up the things that very close to what we truly are.

We have to understand that us, as a single individual (yes not everything start with pair) have a lot of character and position that need to be live upon. Lets say, us as our parent’s kiddo, as a sister, as a student, as a leader, as a staff, as a friend, as a lover and many more. What striking from all of that character and position is that we actually being moved (or pressured) to have this holistic dominant thoughts and perspective toward something to set what is right and wrong.

Lets say that I am a staff (or anything similar to it- its same all other way tho) believe it or not, even when there’s no one who directly told you to do this and that, you will get affected by the idea of togetherness, by the idea that we are as one entity, by the idea of “this bubble we live under, is the safest, truest, and perfect among all other bubble” in short we can call this situation as cohesive.

Cohesive describe the situation that as  a bubble, we often think that silent is a yes, that one answer is enough to represent of all answer, and the scariest thing about cohesive is that you are actually just a person who thought that you live the life but well no, you just life in another comatose situation.

When you no longer decode things without any further thoughts well congrats, you are now already attach to certain way of thinking without you realize what you walk into.

It is very sad, because I believe we as a individual or as any part of different bubbles need to hold on our neutral standpoint by giving a thought on everything we face. Giving a thought is not only focusing on what is in front of you but also understanding the meaning behind all of the situation you face. In my personal opinion, as a human which have the best condition (yes we got brain and feeling as a whole package –are we?) you are no longer human if you just say a when everybody say a, think x because everyone think x. Come on! We are better than that.

As the famous philosopher have said. “cogito ergo sum”- I exist because I think. Well look at us now, judging everyone as good or bad without actually understand why in the bottom of your heart and head you hate and like this certain person at the first place. We need to understand that diversity of way of thinking, cultural, and such are really exist, not just generally approve the idea of diversity without further thinking.

So I will ask you something

“are you exist?”


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