this book plus sticky notes and marker that i used to mark some beautiful phrase


Okay, so I just finished the book and directly write this.

To be precisely this book may be the hardest English book I ever read. Why? because it is actually the first edition of the penguin publisher(published  circa 1978) and they still kept the words original and it was really really hard to understand the words at all. Well actually the book did gave reference to lot of ancient words in it (but im too lazy to read it) so yeah I just read the book without read the references.

The plot, is kind of typical plot and storyline around those puritan english kind of type (if you don’t understand what I mean, just think about jane austen’s pride and prejudice setting). The book tells about Tess which even bore the grand, hero, important bloodline of her ancestor lives very poorly. What I like from the book is that Tess seem natural for me. I mean we girls just filled with negative thoughts, worries, sad things practically lot of things but still have the strength to fight back every hardships she face(nonstop).

The first thing is that her family kind of “sell” her to some aunt of the same bloodline, and there she become a maid and serve her only child to, Alec d’urbervilles of which impregnate Tess without he knowing(because alec kind of rape her(?) and she hate him). Then she give birth to this baby boy which after few weeks old, died because of the fever. And then Tess want to start a new life and work as a dairymaid at talbothays in which he meet angel clare, a man from a very decent background that marry her.

The thing is Clare left as soon as Tess revealed that she once have a baby. Clare being a son of clergyman even though he have his own thought about spiritual belief thought that this act was too far for him to handle. Then he left Tess alone ran to Brazil.

The ending was hmm kind of not very satisfying for me. It is a good book I agree but, you know the characters are so annoying(or maybe because they are the representative of the old generation with certain behavior and certain way of thinking).

Okay here I will add some of the quotes that i love throughout the 534 pages :

in love with her own ruin” (Tess thinking toward herself)

She was not an existence, an experience, a passion, a structure of sensations, to anybody but herself. To all humankind beside Tess was only a passing thought. Even to friends she was no more than a frequently passing thought” (writer describing Tess lonely life)

“beneath it was something educated, reserved, subtle, sad, differing.” (Tess impression on Angel Clare)

“a very easy way to feel ‘em go,’ continued Tess,’is to lie on the grass at night and look straight up at some big bright star; and, by fixing you mind upon I, you will soon find out that you are hundreds and hundreds o’ miles away from your body, which you don’t seem to want at all.” (Tess on telling everyone at dinner about how to feel your soul go outside our self when we still alive)

Actually I have lot of quotes to share but those which I write above is in the beginning of the story yet already captivating, that’s why I love this book (despite the ancient words ha). So till next book fella!


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