Thoughts on 1984

okay so after spending around 2 weeks read book called nineteen eighty four, I finally finished it.

To be honest at first it was very hard to understand the introduction, because I read the Indonesian version of it, and there are lot of word that very weird and confusing.

But it worth reading guys, you have to read it.

So, what make me love this book because it somehow describing what I feeling toward a government. I mean not in a literal ways. The book tells about socialism and war and surveillance and secret and blood bath and everything around it. And now we are not living under that kind of it (or do we? haha).

Back to the book. What make it special is because the writer, George Orwell really draw something there, for me he already successful in pointing out that the social class in society will eternally last. I forgot on which page he said that “for the lower class, revolution would only mean change their master. Their life would be same, unless now they serve the new master” (more or less).

Its irony for me but actually it feel 100% real.

I mean okay my politic lecturer always encourage us to be part of politic by saying what we thought on something. But sometimes(just sometimes) I feel It just words you know. Who am I to change the world?.

So in short the book end in, very very close to realistic. Why? because let say Winston the guy on the book which we called the most sane people in London, after fighting such a long way to realize the real reality have to surrender to the fact that he cannot do nothing unless to stop fighting back and just go with the stream. It is realistic because no matter what we are, nowadays the capitalist would always win in the end.

After I finished the book I just like blank and actually don’t want to talk to anyone (lol I know im too sensitive) but yeah this book really make me heavy after I finished.

So if you want to understand all the socialism, totalitarianism anything with ism maybe this could be a great kick start. I mean its easy to read for beginner in this area and not make your brain crying because of the words. Sooo I would love to recommend it to you! Till next book!



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