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Hiya there! So here I am, writing to you again. Maybe I ever said to you that I want to write something more and more interesting everyday(?) well I’m not sure whether I said it out loud or just another voice on my head. However, idea never come gradually, it just pop here and there and everything happen like I forgot things etc.

Well today I want to share a tidbit about being a volunteer teacher at SDN Kalisegoro which located around Gunung Pati.

Gunung pati area, even it is located in Semarang was quite different with Semarang. The geography itself rather high pretty much like Ungaran maybe im not sure, but Gunung Pati and Ungaran are super close so lets think it quite similar. Mainly they work as a farmer so that’s explain point number one. The kids don’t have a English literature subject and the headmaster decide to put gardening subject instead.

And to be truth at first I’m kind of shock because I never thought that in this 21st Century there actually some people that think that learning international language is not really important. At first. Then after a few time, I quite grasp what they are facing. Please note that I’m not a pro or con at this English subject but, with their condition which located around mountain and paddy field and farm and everything, maybe gardening is a practical choice than English, which doesn’t have any direct correlation or impact to their everyday life now. So it is yes a practical choice but from my honest opinion its just similar that the elder or teacher or anyone who is responsible of them made justification based on their standard that will affect the kid’s future. To put it simply

you will be a farmer just like me, you don’t need English because you will only meet no one but your own field and seed and everything farm related”.


Okay now lets put aside about this English subject, and talk about my experience.

Well because mainly my team consist of busy busy people, that’s why I only have Uli to help me manage the material consist of syllabus, games, ice breaker and games. We work it all out the night before the teaching day, at Uli’s place.


selfie with Uli at the bus

To be honest at the first day, we get to teach a 5 grader and its easy hehe. What I underline the most is that they actually kind of hate their own friend, especially the girl. Because mainly the class consist of boys so that’s why they just bully their girlfriends. It sad but honestly I don’t know what to do with them, so what can I do is to remind them that its not a good thing to do and separate them (to prevent another harsh word or even physical abuse).  The material is okay, they love the sticker and everything we even play some games together.

The second day is another thing, because I get to teach 3 grader well its super tiring. Why? because they still kiddies and really need big attention and everything so the class is practically chaos but its ok because I got to work with my full team and they help me to calm the kids. They love the sticker too and want the drawing paper that I give to 3 kids (I hope I print lot more).

In the end I really understand what an elementary teacher feel(hahaha not really but im trying guys). Even though teaching can be a very tiring things to do, its actually very happy to see the kids growing and evolving. maybe you can see it on every teacher face, the tiring look or straight face look, somehow what they do is undeniably great but its just sad for me to think about how they nurture the student from nothing and to have this competency and then the kid growing old and facing different things meanwhile the teacher would always there, teaching the new kid on and on and on and on like a eternal loop until they retire.

So thank you pak guru, bu guru that shape me to be this kind of person. Your kindness

will never be nothing.

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