hello there!

life been hard and thick as usual, but here i am trying to find space between assignment and bunch of mid test materials i haven’t touch yet.

so i want to share to you a story of me being an organizing committee (OC) marketing and communication brand experience of Reform Project.

actually from the very first day OC President (OCP) announced for the elected OC, i kind of want to make everything short by you know just do this lad! why we have to finish all of this paperwork! (but i finished all of my paperwork tho) i mean why cant we work as soon as possible and face the actual problem.


meet my team mate!(L-R); Fira, Me, Upi, Hani, Pita, and Shanaz (Minus OCP)

well i think God heard my prayer lol. Before the project start, like 3 weeks before the first Exchange Participant (EP) come, we faced the actual problem. The problem is with several issue, my OC Brand Design have to leave the group. We all shock and kind of clueless, why? because now who gonna design all of this promotional tools that we need?.

for 3 days, our OCP looking for possible candidates for OC Brand Design spot. And in the last day, after she interviewed all possible candidate, and the other oc’s busy preparing stuff for weekly meeting she looked at me and said, ” i trust you Bulan, i know you can do it ” and back then im just laughing so hard, im like whattttttttttt.

The next day im no longer OC Marcomm, im become an OC Brand Experience which handle marketing and communication, and Brand Design at the same time.

long story short, im kind of flustered to do all of that things alone. Maintaining to make sure all the promotional tools have to pass the filter while i contact lot of people for project partner (media partner, financial partner and the list goes on and on). And after that have to deal with our own problem and of course project problem.

i wont go through day per day story because its exhausting.

why? because everyday  just like a roller coaster ride. everything at once.

but let me tell you, this kind of experience is the most heart warming, happy, weird, annoying sensation after the project end. when everyone back to their own life, sometimes you just staring at nothing and remember all of this experience then realize all of this work just end with a blink of eye. You never expect to miss all of the cries and laugh and high intensity debate. turn out everything we have to finish gonna be finish eventually. and i manage to work everything and turn out great and good and pass the audit so yeah being an OC really make you feel everything.


the very first time i did beat myself in very challenging situation, climb the summit in heavy rain!



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