Hello there!

I’ve spent the most of my holiday lazily read all book I’ve want to finish. Sometimes the most thing you love can bore you anyway right?.

Between my endless nap and charging( my cable is broke ugh) i remember i haven’t told you my experience at artjog9.

So basically, this is the first time for me to come there, i know artjog but never cross my mind to spend my time there because you know its in jogja and here i am stuck in semarang. Shortly, my sist tell me that she will visit it during her holiday(fyi she rarely have a weekend because of her job at bank) and i just nagging and bragging to come along and voilà!.

We decided to went at 18 June Saturday if I’m not mistaken, and took Joglosemar travel to get jogja. Actually, Im still fasting and been in an car accident but it cant stop me to see artjog by my own eyes.

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Finally i arrived at the venue which i think is historical place or what, i dont exactly remember and the first contemporary art i see is some kind of wall which store lots of things in our everyday lives (like instant noodle and so on) then we directly turn to right where the famous art piece gathered( i know it famous bcs of dian sastro’s snapchat). As i recall, all the pieces was beautifull just all of it. But somehow theres too much people there really like a lot of people and i have to bump into stranger only to look at the artpiece. Thats is why we decided to look at the next floor(because the crowd is really overwhelming and i start feeling dizzy).

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With all due respect toward the artist(i love you all from the top of my lung). I think the second floor was better. I mean like in this floor there are a lot of art piece that really make me in awe. Like practically stand and watch it. Unlikely like the first floor when the pieces is like more into our everyday life art and so much lighter, the second floor give me some tug in my feeling. And i don’t really know why. I start to feeling moved by the pieces and because its less crowdy thus i really can focus on what or who or any other question that bug my mind. The second floor is really great. There is Japanese pieces that make me think though, its because i forgot what the description of the work about. But its my favorite! Alongside “measurement”.

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Then after strolling at the second floor i moved to the third floor. And i have to admit, this floor is the magical floor which i dont know trigger something dark inside of you. All the artpiece are really reallly great and enchanting. I really mean it. I just feel that this floor is full of thought that hidden in all of the pieces. And for your information the third floor is less and less and less crowdier than the first or the second. Theres a lot of beautifull art that awe me and give me some kind of chill at the same time. I dont know why. But this is the feeling I’ve been expecting for. Dumbfounded in front of great artpieces.

To put it simply, after i watch all the pieces there. I really feel sad and happy and sad and happy. I dont know. They all must be a really good artist that can make people moved by it. At the end meaning is rest in people not rest in word. So i think what i feeling about artjog would be different from you (even from my sis).

Here a pict of bibimbap and patbingsoo that we tried after we visit artjog before we go home.


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Surely this is one of my favorite experience(and i wish i could visit it next year!)

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