What i think about when it rains

so after a long and very tiring days of working on my assignment. Aside of feeling uneasy because of my digestion (probably maag again), i will rejoyce this moment to think about the life of a 19 yo girl.

so, before i start i always dream that being a college student means you have lots of time to do something fun and cool and fun and cool.

but now after a year (not precisely) i just realized that is not as easy as i thought before. Eventhough i pass smoothly and everything, but still its a hard work to achieve a good grade and everything.

and apart from it, all the external activities such as fisiphoria or else is really great and enjoyable. This is  something that make me confuse actually, how can you hate but love it too at the same time. LOL. I still want my lazy sunday and saturday of doing nothing but sleep tho wk.

and about the college outfit or so on. Nothing beats jeans and loose shirt. I always wear some loose boyfriend jeans but everyone (specially my sister thought that it make me really fat) so i wear some fitted jeans and even its not as confy as the loose one but its okay.

to survive the college you only need lipstick. A good one. And your life is complete nothing else matter.



Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset


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