Soooooo lifes been great and happy.

My Best Friend Jeje is one of the young and rising MUA in Semarang (check her out at instagram @jeismakeup) and it happened that she need model for her makeup class or so.

what makes me a little bit shock is that she choosed me, among my friends which is more presentable (i think).

My quick respond is just like eh are sure about that bla bla bla, all those insecure comment about my face. And she assured me that yeah why not and so and so.

then after i finished my morning class i went straight to her home. She let me choose what kind of makeup i want but because i was too dumb to choose( i think all of them was great and pretty) she picked it for me, and it was wedding makeup or something.

and after 45 minutes makeup (i think) the result was really really great! You can see the differences with your eyes😝

The thing is, i dont think that man should judgmentally every girl with makeup on is something weird or she is insecure or what. Just so you know. I wear make up because i want to. Lol i just want to tell you that!

nighty all!😘


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