Brief news

Hi fella!

Soooooo… It feels nice to just laying flat and doing nothing except breathing.(and reading. Oh and stalking).

So today i want to share some well maybe a gratitude and love to instagram.

As you know all, they have some kind of technology that let us to get know more people or picture based on what we like(or love). Thus, often make me spend the whole one month packet data in only one week. Seriously! Its addicting!!!!

And thanks to Instagram, i know more people that just make me so… Speechless and just make me slap myself(in my head tho). Like its giving me more inspo everyday!!

And maybe I’m just too much, but thats really what i felt until now. I don’t have any idea why i could get myself so addicted.

Or maybe because the peoples that they recommended for me its soooo uber cool( its true! Im not too much giving the salt here).

Talking about the people there, i really have a lot of favorites. But its mostly something architectural( minimalism, with sleek design), something colorful or even dark! Mmm white and grey will do too hehe, and maybe someone who have a great sense of art. Ouchhh touché but really!
Like i don’t really understand what they talking about but in some certain point, i like how they describe and tell us about it. Not really directly tell us ofc. Yeah you know just sort that things out. Like i said, they make me speechless and poof! I like them instantly!.

And i understand that we cannot understand other people completely right? Thats why finding out something new( even in yourself or your bf ) can br so interesting! Right?
So tell me, what gotten into you nowadays?



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