just want to share that my choice on dressing like Holly Golightly is the best choice i ‘ve made.

I love classic and more over i like that even when i look into my prom picture far years ahead. I still gonna love it!. No skin revealed haha. No offense.

and the make up was done by my very bestfriend which have magical hands and can turn ugly duck into swan! In my case, me image image image imageturning into Holly.

Well the party was, mm okay.. ( in respect for you guys who prepared it) even though i dont know the guest star. It was Adera. Haha like 3 seconds after he appeared at the stage i still cant recognized him. Even i have to ask my friend who is he. You have to understand me. I dont really into love and heartbreak kind of song. Just in case you start laughing at me. And i still prefer my music until now. But anyway Adera did okay throughout a lot of song(maybe, i lost count). His voice is good too!!..

then Archirave, i think i’ve read the name two or three times(which i forgot where maybe its phamphlet) hmm. The playlist is mmm, good average. Because just some part of the playlist i like. The rest? I think its lack of danceable tunes hahaha. Dont mind me. Im no saint. I still dance hard and screaming and get the very front place of the crowd. Im those kind of people that makes you think you are succesfully move the crowd(dont ask ehat happen next!).

and ta taaaa

there is none if the act that appaling me the most( by now you understand that im hard to get impressed by, really i do. Only thriller movie can do ). But!!! I love one thing from the evening that will make the future good.

i survived my foot. They are just as good as it ever be. Even after having mindless weirdos dance and jump and dance and jump nonstop in high heels. Hahahahaha. Even it wedges but still it count as high heels right? Yeayss. Cant wait my first stilleto experience( no i dont have it, mom says no now ) hahaha. Why im so happy with this weird thing. Haha.

till next time!



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