Hello everyone.


Its been a long time not posting anything DIY in this blog. Fyuuuuuuh all of my strength and mind are on those never ending paper and exam(happy and tired at the same time)

but anyway we are know that the 90’s fashion has come back and become “the it style again” and i reallly realllly like this eventhough i dont grown up in those era (i born at 96 does it make me 90’ish?), i always like the uniqueness of the style hihihi and one of them is tattoo choker! YAYY! and now because i crave those choker and having a minimum budget( yes they are selling with some unrealistic price over simple and easy choker) so i decide to make one for me …

And Materials you need :

1. Stretchy cord (in whatever color you prefer, black, clear, purple or yellow)

2. Pendants (optional)

3. Beads (mid size beads-dont too big or small)

4. Scissors

5. Writing pad (if you dont have any you can use book and binder clipper)

6. Electric lighter (FYI i just spent 4.400 rupiahs for the cord and pendants which is suppperrrr dupeeeeer cheeeapp)


1. Measure the cord; the cord should be two arms length and add some extra length so it wont to tight

2. Clip the edge; and dont forget to fold the cord into two

3. And make a loop; the lapse below will tell you better

4. Burn it! And after done looping, put the bead to secure the cord and burn it using the lighter.

Voilaaaaaa i really like the result and it sooo addicting!! you can wear this choker in everything, but i thinks it more cooler in simple and casual clothes hehe( use your band t-shirt and fav skirt). So if you try to make one, tell me the result!!!!!( i will buy few more cord in different color tho hehehehe)

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



heres the video at youtube, thanks vaaanesser for uploading the video help sooooooo much!


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