How to pamper yourself!


Hullo there!

finally can have some me time even its monday. Its truly happy day and felt like saturday!.

so i felt really tired and my face, crap. I even cant describe it. So when my friend sell some masker, i brought without thinking twice!.

so as you see in the picture, i use Naturgo Shiseido mud mask and Mustika Ratu Mundisari peeling.

okay so.

1. Clean Your Face

really, you must clean your face first, you can use water or use any cleanser. Me. I just clean my face with water and rub it thoroughly. Then dry it with towel.

2. Use the Peeling

okay so use your favorite peeling. Why? Because you wont maskering over your dead skin right? So dont forget to peel your skin yep? Wait until it mid dry then rub it your face until it peels off. After that wash it with your water.

3. Use your Mask

the best fun paaaart!!!.  Use your mask. So this is the first time i use mud mask. So i kinda suprise by its black and sticky mud. Haha. Put your mask at a little plate or bowl. And then pick your tools, i use brush first but its totally no no no. Because its really sticky like real. So my tips, use your spoon haha. Use the back of your spoon and then apply it to your face. Please make sure your baby hair are out from your face. And then wait it until it dry completely. Mine is 30 minutes long.

5. Clean your Face

after 30 minutes long, rip the mask off. And wash your face with cold water.


your face gonna be moist, clean, and pretty bright!


P.s comment for your masker tips!!



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