DIY Nail Polished PhoneCase


Liburan emang asik yaah?! Tapi gak asik kalo belom DIY haha.

So last night, my sister came up with pretty genius idea. The idea is to repaint our phone case! Hihi.

Nah, jadi buat kalian yang pengen punya case warna baru, dan pengen sedikit menghabiskan waktu? Bisa coba DIY ini. Easy, cheap, fun!

Okay! Back to business! There’s some things you should prepare :

1. Nail polish with a statement color (mine was metallic as you see) my recommends? Try gold!

2. Your old hardcase, or soft case. I think its fine with softcase as long as not too jelly-ish and have a sturdy bodycase. You want to make sure your color not crack right?.

3. Some tissue, cotton buds, and nail polish remover to tidy up your handiwork.

Sooo, buat ngewarnainnya, langsung aja ke hardcase kaya waktu kamu ngecat kuku haha. Kalo kamu suka permukaan yang halus, tinggal ngecat searah aja. Terserah, bebass. kalian bisa ngecat sesuai kemauan kalian 😉

Dan kalo kalian mau lebih bagus, bisa pake top coat bening atau yang ada glitternya. Whatev, its up to you!

Ta-daa! Jadi deh your brand new case!

Selamat mencoba:)

P.s : pardon my fatty hands!



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