Hey hoes,

As we know that we were walking to the d-day of president election.

Hehe. Really I’m happy as one could be.
I really have a big interest in politic, of course in this case indonesian politic.

Okay so I’m not a day dreaming girl who think all things is white and clean, black and white, I mean politic is not that clean you know.

So I’m realistic people.

Thus in my perspective everyone in politic is either dirt their hands or have someone to dirt their hands for them.

I mean look at us. Are you really nice people and have no sin at all? Not having any bad notch in your personality?.

I think its impossible.

Both of candidate is capable of what they capable.

They own such media to help them pull more people to choose them.

If you’re indonesian and or have a big social empathy(hehe) you should know what Im talking about.

So I think media nowadays is cannot be a objective parameter anymore.

They do their best to release the best and positive news for their candidates and worst and negative news for the opposite.

I can endure this thing because lately(in facts from january or something) I’m not potato couching-not television watcher- anymore.

But, I can help it anymore.

Like things grow worser and sort of.

I mean slowly our technique to win something over is really bad bad bad. And cannot be a good example for us.

if you are really seeing this thing in detail. You would find out that we tend to growing an infinite hate for each other.

I mean hey we are have a same blood and same nations, call me stupid or whatever.
But one should give apologize to other in order to make everything in control and right in the place.

We need something visionary. Not just looking back at the history that already happened and cannot be change.

You understand?and get my idea clearly?.

I don’t care who you’ll choose. But please let’s be a smart voter and a wise man. Enough with this non ending story of black campaign. I really do tired watching hearing and maybe thinking about this thing.

You can choose whoever and say whatever you want.

Its your mind and mouth.

But may I remind you that great man possess a great ability to filter what would they say.

So may the best men wins the battle.(Whoever you, the chosen one)



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