Happy sunday!!!

Whooohooo. Like finally you can rest and enjoy everything you hold on for the past six days.fyuh.

And, today I want to tell you about one of my favorite things (routinity) at sunday morning.

It is watching channel japan!.

Haha. Sounds ordinary to you?.
For me who craving a lot of inspiring tv program. Its not that ordinary.

Have you ever watched it?
Yes? No? Ugh if you are in the ‘no’ group, you’ll regret.

I mean this program is really great.
Show you a better views of japan -of course its japan,can’t you see the title?ha-.

Channel japan air time is about 6.45 / 7 am(I’m not sure) every sunday.
The theme from week to week is different.
This week maybe we talk about food. And a week later about transportation.

The show is simple and to the point.
My favorite episode is when they talked about the most delicious(you should eat when you’re at japan) snack including ice cream, bread etc etc.

Ugh. Really. Those kind of food episode always successfully making me drooling.

And this week episode is about 2 young ceo.
How young? A 15 yo girl. And a 16 yo boy CEO.
Yepyep. Good really.
I mean look at us. We are old enough-haha- to make something bigger than we do now. But now, I never (try) do making ‘something’. Now ask yourself?do you ever try making ‘something’?

I’m not blaming anyone. but this is what the boy said at the program
” The problem is school taught us to be a ‘uniformed employee’ ”
Absolutely right.

I mean school is good. But really our system here is lack of entrepreneurship
And sort of them.
We never being able to implement our knowledge(from school) in reality.

Maybe we wasting our time to learn something that doesn’t really matter.

Maybe? I don’t know.

But I got a quote from a film
“Not all our effort will becoming something”
(Yea I’m not sure abt the quote since I watched it long ago but if you’re interested you can watch you are the apple of my eyes yourself)

From this quote, we can know that in our lifetime. What we plant since now or yesterday. Maybe we can harvest the fruit or maybe not at all.

For us who still living (and you who still reading). Just live the life. And you’ll never regret anything.



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