Sooo I’ve been practicing guitar for this semester.

My first thought of playing guitar is super cool .
And after being practicing for this past month.
I realized that playing guitar isn’t easy as I thought before.

Moreover I’m not playing solo.
I’m playing with a whole of my classmate.

I’m not going to brag about it.
But really.
If you want to learn something together.
I think it would be wise if you can remind each other, support each other, and more specifically everyone should know their position and job.

Its true that, being ‘one’ is really hard.
I mean it.

But, the most important is not about who can play the best.
It is about the commitment.
Your commitment.

To learn together, to perform together. To be good together.

If we can pass this. I think we could build our chemistry.

So would you like to pass?


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